Google Maps for Wear OS bring phone less navigation on LTE watches

Wear OS

Samsung deserves credit for contributing to the revitalization of Wear OS, and the effort is paying off for everyone. For LTE watch owners, turn-by-turn navigation is now supported by Google Maps for Wear OS without needing a paired phone.

If you have an LTE-enabled watch, or your watch is connected to the internet via WiFi, standalone navigation is specifically available. According to Google, this would be especially helpful when you’re out for a run or ride and have left your phone behind but want to take a detour or need help finding your way home.

Those who purchased LTE watches like the Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch 5 and are currently enrolled in the associated cellular plans will appreciate this feature.

At the moment, cycling, driving, and walking are all supported by Google Maps for Wear OS. “If you have enabled mirroring and start navigation on your phone and then leave your phone behind, your watch will take over navigation from your phone” is a helpful feature. Otherwise:

  1. Open Maps from your watch.
  2. Use the voice or keyboard tool to input your destination. You can also tap the map to view your location.
  3. Select your mode of transportation. From here, you can view your ETA.
  4. Start your walk, bicycle, or car trip.

Lastly, this feature of Google Maps is helpful for wear OS users.

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