10 useful features of the Samsung SmartThings enabled devices

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SmartThings is the only experience that supports your entire home and takes care of your day-to-day activities. While Samsung SmartThings was shown at a recent press conference at CES 2023 referring to more than 80 million connected devices. It saves energy and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Samsung SmartThings, as the name suggests, makes use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect all of your home appliances and mobile devices to a single, centralized location.


Receive notifications when the door is left open, enable or disable Power Cool & Power Freeze, control the temperature remotely, and turn on and off the ice maker. Through the Samsung TV Plus app with Family Hub, you can look at the ingredients inside, get personalized recipes suggested to you, and keep entertained.

Washers & Dryers

Utilize the detergent scan feature and configure custom cycles in SmartThings Clothing Care for optimal cycle usage in washers and dryers. 1010 When the cycle is finished, a notification will be sent.


Explore intelligent meal plans and personalized recipes that are tailored to each user’s preferences, dietary preferences, and kitchen supplies. With one-touch temperature and time control settings based on the recipe you choose, you can stay in control while you cook and easily monitor the entire process.

Microwave Ovens

With SmartThings Cooking, you can easily share recipes across settings by selecting ones that are tailored to your pantry. When the preheating process is finished, a notification will be sent.

Air conditioners

With Al, the air conditioner automatically monitors and reduces energy consumption while also analyzing room conditions and usage patterns.

Robot vacuums

Allow you to target specific areas with the Select & Go function and customize the vacuum’s cleaning area with No-go Zones. Through the Pet Care feature, you can get real-time videos of your pets and real-time tracking through the Live Cleaning Report.


They are given wash cycles based on the dishes that have already been prepared. Control the cycle and temperature remotely, and you can even get notifications when the detergent is low so you can order replacements from Amazon Alexa.

Air Purifiers

The air quality in each room is continuously monitored by the air purifier, which automatically turns on when necessary.

Air Dressers

Configure individualized cycles with SmartThings Clothing Care and schedule AirDresser cycles and modes.


The hood, which is connected to the induction range, operates automatically to provide customized air care for the kitchen.

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