Samsung’s US semiconductor plant complete soon


In addition to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Samsung is opening a new semiconductor plant in the United States to increase its manufacturing presence. Samsung has now provided an update on the progress of building a new semiconductor plant in Taylor, Texas.

Taylor’s construction is proceeding as planned. In an Instagram post, Kyung, Samsung’s co-CEO stated, “The fab will be finished within this year and start producing the best products next year.”

Samsung’s investment of $17 billion

Help boost production of advanced logic semiconductor solutions powers next-generation innovations and technologies. Samsung stated in November 2021, helps boost the production of advanced logic semiconductor solutions that power next-generation innovations and technologies.

Before selecting the construction site, it took into account things like “the local semiconductor ecosystem, infrastructure stability, local government support, and community development opportunities, as well as proximity to Samsung’s current manufacturing site in Austin.”

TSMC is also constructing a semiconductor plant

In addition to Samsung, Taiwan’s TSMC made the announcement the previous year that the company would construct advanced chips with a thickness of three nanometers (nm) at its Arizona facility. Chips are supplied by

Founder Morris Chang stated at a press conference in Taipei that “five-nanometer is phase one, and three-nanometer is phase two.

The chairman of TSMC, Mark Liu, stated that the company would construct two semiconductor fabrication plants, with the first expected to be operational by 2024.

TSMC will triple its investment in the US plant

According to a BBC report, TSMC will invest $40 billion (£33 billion) in a massive US plant, making it one of the largest foreign investments in American history.

The US gave the Taiwanese giant permission to construct a $12 billion chip plant in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2020. The primary 3nm production facility is TSMC’s Fab 18, which is in Taiwan’s Tainan City.

Taiwan Chips Act

Bloomberg report says Taiwan has passed the Chips Act that will let local chip firms turn 25% of their annual research and development expenses into tax credits.

As the US, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union are all offering massive incentives to build domestic supply chains. Taiwan should bolster the global competitiveness of its key industries.

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