Samsung Display shared 360-degree-rotating folding phone hinge


Samsung has a new prototype display that could change the way it makes folding phones, All angles. At CES 2023, the company’s subsidiary, Samsung Display, demonstrated the brand-new prototype display and hinge. In an email to The Verge, company spokesperson John Lucas stated that the “Flex In & Out” display can be folded inward and outward.

The display also comes with a different hinge design, which is said to make the crease much less noticeable. This is due to the possibility that the water-drop hinge will enable the display to assume the shape of a waterdrop when folded inward. Additionally, the display would be less stressed by this more subtle hinge.

About Flex In & Out

Samsung Display has previously demonstrated a “Flex In & Out” prototype that embraces the fold-in-all-directions design. According to Tom’s Guide, a “Flex In & Out” display was also present at the International Meeting for Information Displays (IMID) in South Korea in 2021. However, the approach was different, and the display had multiple segments and folded like an “S.” Samsung’s Fold line continued to use displays that can only fold flat in one direction until the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which came out in August 2022.

However, the new screen might be included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Due to a similar hinge design, the device may have a less obvious crease, according to rumors.




The U-shaped hinge that causes a noticeable crease on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 would be fixed by the design, according to some. Additionally, it would make the Galaxy Z Fold 5 more comparable to foldable smartphone competitors with less obvious creases, such as the Oppo Find N2 and the third-generation Motorola Razr.

Samsung will release the Z Fold 5 alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in August, though the exact date has not yet been determined. In the meantime, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1 will see the introduction of the new Galaxy S23 series.

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