The Galaxy Book Series and Galaxy Smartphones Now Support Continuous Browsing for Users

Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Book

Connected devices increase productivity and ease of use, but connectivity can always be improved further. 77% of respondents to a recent survey1 found that using multiple apps and devices for a single task requires a lot of extra effort. Samsung Electronics is always looking for new ways to provide a connected experience that brings together the strengths and capabilities of its smartphones, PCs, tablets, watches, and other products to create a truly seamless ecosystem for multiple devices.

Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series

Recent Websites2, an update to the Microsoft Phone Link3 App that is now available across the Galaxy Book series, is one of these new connectivity features. It enables users to continue browsing sessions from their smartphones on their PCs. This feature makes browsing smoother and more mobile, ensuring that users never miss a beat in their productivity a great way to get started when switching from a phone to a Galaxy Book.

With a single click, Galaxy Book users can now call up previous sessions from their smartphone, simplifying multi-device browsing for responsive, user-friendly navigation. Take, for instance, the scenario in which a user opens multiple tabs while researching on their phone.

At some point, it might be more efficient to start working with some PC applications by opening these same tabs on a larger screen. This is now easier than ever thanks to Recent Websites, which lets users open new accounts without having to go back and check their search terms or browsing histories.

Make sure to connect your Galaxy smartphone to your Galaxy Book via Link to Windows on your phone and the Microsoft Phone Link App on your computer to use Recent Websites. After that, all you have to do is launch the flyout or Microsoft Phone Link app on your computer, and a list of websites you’ve visited recently on your smartphone will appear. It will immediately launch on your Galaxy Book when you click on one of these websites.

The connected experience between Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Book series is now richer and more adaptable than ever thanks to various new and upcoming connectivity features like Recent Websites.

Samsung is giving customers the ability to use and combine their devices in more creative and accessible ways by making the possibilities between devices virtually endless.

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