How to use Samsung Private Share to send files securely

Samsung Private Share

It has never been easier to send photos and videos to friends and family, but sharing private content and keeping ownership of it is still a concern. When sharing sensitive files with others, you can use the Private Share feature on a Samsung phone to protect your data. In this, you’ll look at what Private Share is, what you can do with it, and how to use it.

What is Samsung’s Private Share feature?

On Samsung Galaxy phones, Private Share is a built-in file-sharing tool that lets you securely share personal files like medical reports, identity cards, confidential business documents, family vlogs, and more.

Because it is a component of the One UI software skin, Private Share cannot be disabled or uninstalled because it is one of the many Samsung apps that come pre-installed on your Galaxy device.

The advantages of using Samsung Private Share are as follows:

  • Encrypt your files when sharing.
  • Set an expiration date for shared files.
  • Grant read-only access and prevent screenshots.
  • Prevent recipients from re-sharing your shared files.
  • Remove location metadata from shared photos.
  • Revoke access to the files you’ve sent anytime after sharing.

Only Samsung Galaxy phones with Android version 9 or higher can use Private Share. Your shared files must also be accessible on a Samsung device that is compatible with them.

How to Send Files Using Samsung Private Share

To share files using Private Share, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Security and privacy > Private Share, tap Continue, and tap Allow if the app asks for permissions.
  2. Tap Share files and choose the type of file you want to send, select your file, and tap Done.
  3. Tap Select from contacts, pick who you want to send this file to, and tap Done.
  4. Set an expiration date for how long the receiver can access this file, and tap Send.
  5. If the recipient doesn’t have the Private Share app, you can invite them via SMS, QR code, or other apps. Once they accept the invite and install the app, the files will be shared.

Samsung Private Share Encrypts File Sharing

Sending sensitive content necessitates extra caution, but Private Share makes it simple to share files securely with others without fear of privacy intrusion or ownership loss.

Keep in mind that Private Share is a Samsung feature that can only be found in the Galaxy Store. Private Share can’t be used on Android phones that aren’t Samsung; Any third-party applications that attempt to imitate it should be avoided because they may contain spyware designed to collect sensitive data.

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