Samsung is set to grab 75 per cent of its 5G mobile phone business in 2023

Samsung 5G phones

Recently, Samsung has moved forward with the launch of its Galaxy A series smartphones to increase its market share. The company wants to make 75% of its mobile phone business this year from selling 5G handsets.

As per Raju Pullan, Samsung India’s Senior Vice President for the Mobile Business, the company’s mobile business grew by over 22% in terms of value between January and November 2022, and it is anticipated to grow by double solid digits faster than the industry this year.

Samsung 5G phones

According to industry analysts, the industry contributed 56% to 5G last year. In 2022, 5G made up 61% of Samsung India’s mobile phone business. “We expect the contribution to go up to 75% with the early launch of Galaxy A14 5G and A23 5G,” he said.

From January 19, Samsung will begin selling the Galaxy A14 5G at a net effective price of Rs 14,999 each and the Galaxy A23 5G at a net effective price of Rs 20,990.

A 50-megapixel camera and a 6.6-inch full high-definition display will be included in each smartphone.

The quad-camera Galaxy A23 5G will include an integrated image stabilization sensor.

“Our strategy will be the first 5G strategy in 2023. even though for the past four years, we have dominated the 5G market. We will quadruple the number of 5G products we offer. The Galaxy A series was available, and it was released in March. This year, we have an A series that premieres in January. This indicates that Samsung will benefit greatly from an early launch,” Pullan stated.

He stated that both devices will function on India’s 5G network from day one.

To target the mid-segment market, Samsung will also offer financing options for both phones. Samsung Finance Plus, which is available at 60,000 retailers nationwide.

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