The online Google Account Switcher has been updated with Material You


The Google Account switcher on the web is getting a Material You redesign, just like it did in Messages on Android.

The option to “Add another account” completes the inner container if you are signed into more than one account. “Sign out” or “Sign out of all accounts” are part of the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” background.

There are light (white/light gray) and dark (black/dark gray) themes, but Dynamic Color is not available. This feature would only be useful in Gmail, which supports a variety of backgrounds. In dark mode, the effect is more obvious.

This Material You Google Account switcher has several email addresses, including Workspace domains, that we used to sign in today. In point of fact, the container is used in this design to emphasize the phrase “This account is managed by [x]” at the very top.



Google TV uses an older version of this component, while the most recent version is only available in Messages on Android. Google’s design has made a good step forward with this integration of web and mobile components.

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