How to Automatically Enhance Your Samsung Phone’s Performance

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If you own a Samsung phone, you’ve likely had some problems with it over time. It’s possible that fast charging wasn’t working, apps were crashing, or the battery was draining too quickly. These issues are more prevalent on budget and mid-range Samsung smartphones than on flagship models. Regardless, there is a built-in tool that can assist you in quickly resolving these issues.

What is Samsung Phone Auto Optimization?

Auto Optimization is a feature of Samsung’s device care that checks to see if your phone is running properly and optimizes it to get better performance and get rid of bugs.

The function was added as a way to avoid common Android phone issues like apps that crash, a screen that flickers, a slow user interface, and more.

Navigate to Settings > Battery and device care > Auto optimization and enable Restart when necessary to enable the Auto Optimization feature. Please be aware that we are using a Samsung phone with One UI 5; If your device has not yet received the update, the steps may differ slightly.

When you enable this feature, you grant your phone permission to restart itself on its own whenever it is not in use. By doing this, background apps are closed and temporary cache files that might be the problem are deleted. Don’t worry, this won’t affect the data in apps or your files.

Restarting your phone at least once per week is good practice. Go to Settings > Battery and device care and tap the Care Report icon (beside the Search icon) to view your phone’s restart history if you want to be extra cautious. There, you can see when your phone was last automatically restarted.

Optimize Your Samsung Phone

Smartphones deteriorate in the same way that other gadgets do, and over time, you might notice that your device is having more problems than it did before. Make it a habit to regularly maintain your device’s hardware and software to reduce this degradation and extend its value.

You can, for instance, get rid of unnecessary apps and files, adhere to battery health guidelines, update the operating system, and more.

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