Samsung Galaxy widget: More battery-related statistics on your home screen

A useful new feature is coming to many Samsung Galaxy phones with the One UI 5.1 interface. Do you own the Samsung Galaxy S23? Then it’s clear from the release. The long-awaited Battery widget is the topic of our conversation.

Tip for Samsung Galaxy: Widget battery

The year 2022 is being written in October. Samsung phones do not yet officially support Android 13. The brand-new Battery widget hasn’t been seen by anyone yet, but Samsung shows it in footage of the upcoming Android 13 and One UI 5 upgrade almost by accident. However, when the actual rollout of this upgrade began, the widget vanished completely. We’ll be honest: that was somewhat regrettable.

It was immediately evident where the Battery widget had gone when Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 at the beginning of this year, in 5.1 of One UI. A little patience was all that was required. because the One UI 5.1 update has already been completed on many Galaxy phones and tablets. The new Battery widget can now be used to get started on these devices and the S23 or widgets since there are two of them.

Until the options appear on the screen, hold your finger on an empty area of the home screen. When you tap on Widgets, the Battery widgets will appear at the “B” of the battery. You have the option of selecting the smaller one, which displays the battery percentage of your phone, Buds, Watch, S Pen, and other accessories in attractive circles. if you hold your phone in portrait mode at least. The circles suddenly transform into bars when you tilt it into landscape mode.

Do you prefer lists or not? Then select the alternative battery widget type. The same Battery Status data are displayed here in a simple list. That fits better to watch out for more battery levels.

To Modify

Samsung wouldn’t be Samsung if there weren’t a few choices to redo the presentation of the Battery gadgets to your inclinations. Put your finger on the widget after you have placed it on your home screen. The additional choices appear now. With the balls on the casing, you can change the size by hauling the edges.

Assuming you tap Settings, you can alter whether the gadget is dark or white or goes into Dull mode. A slider can also be used to adjust the widget’s transparency. Select Devices to Display to choose which accessories you want the widgets to show the battery status of and which you don’t.

Widget for Galaxy Buds Manager

We believe that the new widgets are a good replacement for the Galaxy Buds Manager widget, provided that you primarily use it to quickly see how much energy you still have. But: these gadgets enjoy their benefits. For instance, unlike the Battery widgets, you can directly toggle functions like 360 Audio or Noise Reduction on and off there. Therefore, you must decide for yourself what matters most to you. Naturally, you can fit them all on your home screen at once.

Widget battery: which smartphones?

All smartphones with One UI 5.1 or later can use the new Battery widgets. That includes the FE models of the Galaxy S22, S21, and S20, in addition to the Galaxy S23. Additionally, you can likewise begin with it on the System A53 and World A52, and most foldable.

The Battery widget isn’t available yet; however, does your Galaxy run One UI 5.0 and Android 13? After that, you’ll have to wait a while for the One UI 5.1 update. Additionally, you might want to read our summary of the Samsung phones that will receive the One UI 5.1 update.

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