6 Features of the Galaxy S23 Ultra you must know

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

For the past few days, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been a topic of conversation. It competes with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro as one of the most advanced premium smartphones. Everyone has been discussing the device’s 200MP camera, excellent zoom capabilities, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset since its launch. Let me be clear: the new phone has more than just these new features.

Some of the best features of the Galaxy S23 Ultra that no one is talking about. These are features from every category, including sound quality, processor, display, and camera. Let’s see which of those notable features they are:

1 Help Game Ray Tracing

On the S23 Ultra, users can now play ray tracing games because of the powerful and overclocked Gen 2 processor. It provides a phone gaming experience comparable to that of a PC or console, and your handset is prepared for it. If you haven’t heard of the ray tracing game method, it’s a method that makes virtual light behave like natural light, making it look more real. Users can sense that more of these games will be added to the Play Store.

2. It has a valve chamber that is 2.7 times larger

Due to an improved vapor chamber, your device will remain cooler for longer despite increased performance. The Ultra model has a vapor chamber that is 2.7 times larger to keep it cool in games with high graphics. Additionally, the new vapor chamber uses less power, resulting in longer battery life from the same pack.

3. The speaker’s quality improved

It was miserable when you got World S22 Ultra with normal quality sound speakers. With a new smartphone, it has improved. It has better bass while also being louder. Although it is a minor enhancement, such a flagship phone must require it. Galaxy S20 series users will feel the sound quality.

4. In low light, pictures and videos look much better

Lastly, Samsung fans can say that the S23 Ultra can take excellent low-light photos and videos. The low-light photos are significantly superior to those of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Finally, the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor is paying off. It uses adaptive VDIS, balances exposure, clearly highlights texts and uses 2x optic limit stabilization in videos to reduce noise.

5. QHD Resolution Is Supported by a Super Stable Video Mode

Samsung has improved internal camera features in addition to camera sensors. In QHD resolution, it now supports super steady video mode. It was previously limited to 1080p resolution, but it now supports QHD. It will assist users in taking better videos without affecting video quality or footage.

6. Support for Third-Party Apps, Way to Go

The iPhone series’ extensive ecosystem of third-party applications is the main feature that appeals to consumers. You don’t need to add any finishing touches to the photos you take and share them on various social media platforms. Samsung has made some efforts to enhance first-snap photos that can be shared on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The image or video quality will remain constant, and your social media friends and family will see clear images.


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