One UI 6 may follow Android 14 path

Google has been devotedly working for various months on Android 14, the successive version of the most preferable mobile operating system. While Samsung is also ready for this most anticipated update.

Ahead with the step route towards the next grand launch of Android 14. The Google team is going to improve things. And make the system more versatile, with respect to restrictions on background services and apps.

Samsung and Google together to improve Android 14

While the behemoth giant most lately revealed on its official blog specific to developers. Whereby, the motive is to create more flexibility for developers’ applications that work in a persistent manner on distinct Android devices. On the other hand, the same is possible via an exclusive association with the leading brands.

At the same time, Samsung appears to provide its sanction from this collaboration with Google. It should also come with an essential enhancement as early as possible this year, in order to make the user experience better.

Meanwhile, the Korean makers have disclosed that initiate from One UI 6.0. The respective featured service of the apps in regard to Android 14 will work as predicted. As they developed as per the new API policy of Google’s OS.

The alterations that have been introduced in Android 14 developer preview 1 are as follows:

One UI 6 may follow Android 14 path

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