How to use Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X

Taking epic photos on smartphones has become much more convenient these days. But at times, there have been possibilities that it won’t come out the way you want. Here, in this case, editing seems to be the ultimate solution. Although its time taking while not everyone can do it efficiently. Therefore to overcome this problem, here we introduced users to Galaxy Enhance-X.

Further, in this article, we going to see and understand how to use Galaxy Enhance-X to enhance images on your Samsung phone.

Galaxy Enhance-X

It is Samsung’s AI-powered image enhancer that enables it to fix various aspects of an image and enhance its look with a few easy taps.

You can apply it in order to edit any kind of photo. While, it also comprises those which are captured through other phones, as well as those that download online.

Galaxy Enhance-X is obtainable from the Samsung Galaxy Store. So far, while writing, the app is in beta and can only support the S23 series. Whereas, support for the S22 series and other similar devices is also going to be expected in the near future.

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Things that Can You Do With the Galaxy Enhance-X App

With respect to other regular photo editing apps, the unique factor about the Galaxy Enhance-X app is the tap remaster functionality. It allows you to fix and simultaneously enhance your photo with the tap of a button.

This button is tagged to be a Magic button by Samsung. Since it works by analyzing your photo to scan for problems concerning to noise, blur, and sharpness, along with other imperfections, and fixes them automatically With the help of AI to give you a better-looking photo.

Moving ahead, if someone is not happy with the auto-fix output. The app also gives you a choice to adjust a different aspect of the image to yourself, in order to have the desired picture. Talking about the functionality then in an aggregate way, there are 11 such aspects. Each of these has a dedicated button on the app. Below is the functionality of each of them:

  • HDR: It inspects an image’s highlights, shadows, brightness, and contrast levels. And, based on the scene, improve the image to boost its overall appearance.
  • Brighten: Brighten increases the brightness of an image. Thus, if a picture is too dark, you can use this tool to enhance the brightness, or vice versa.
  • Fix blur: With the help of this function, one can unblur a blurry image. At times, it isn’t very effective.
  • Sharpen: In case an image appears too soft. The Sharpen feature enables you to add some grain to it to make it look sharper.
  • Fix moire: The images those who are captured using an old device, or downloaded from the internet may suffer from moire. Noticeably, this is basically a strange pattern of lines or dots. While fix moire can substantially help you to fix such images instantly.
  • Remove reflection: As the name indicates, it allows you to remove reflections in an image. As of writing this, the tool isn’t consistent. Since it fails to identify and remove reflection in some images.
  • Remove shadows: This removes shadows often cause by different objects in an image.
  • Fix lens distortion: If an image is suffering from optical deviation then it fixes lens distortion and corrects it with a simple tap.
  • Portrait: It provides you with a few distinct portrait effects. Therefore, you can pick based on your choices, such as Blur, Studio, Low-key mono, etc.
  • Face: This option lets you alter some of the aspects of your photo. It enables you to adjust the smoothness and tone. In addition to this, it also defines the jawline and eyes.
  • Upscale: The Upscale option increases the resolution of an image. While Galaxy Enhance-X makes you enable to upscale the resolution by up to four times.

Steps to Use Galaxy Enhance-X 

It is quite easy to use since all the options and tools can be understood in simple few steps. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Tap on the Galaxy Enhance-X app on your phone to open it and then select the Picture to Edit button. Further, choose the image you want to edit.
  • Click on the Magic button in order to automatically fix imperfections in the image and enhance it. It’s the one with the star icon.
  • Once Enhance-X applies the edits, you’ll see a slider bar in the middle of the image. While dragging left or right, you can able to view the image before and after the edits.
  • Again if you wish to further edit the image yourself or make some alterations to it after auto-enhancement. Then tap on an option, and it’ll perform the action for you. Whereas tap on More to view all available tools.
  • For some tools, such as Portrait and Face, Enhance-X gives you a slider. Use it to adjust the values of the different effects the tool applies, as per your preference, to get the desired effect.
  • Lastly, click on the Save button, pick the desired output resolution, and hit Save to save the edited image to your phone’s gallery.

How to use Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App

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