Steps to use Google Home on your Galaxy Watch

Have you ever imagined that it could be so easy and convenient to control your Google Home-compatible devices with the watch on your wrist…? Well, this will not be a big deal if you have Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Assistant. Samsung Galaxy watches are capable enough of providing and controlling almost everything that you must desire.

I am sure you are curious to know how you can control a cohesive smart home system with a few simple taps. One thing is to need to remark here, Google really did a great job when making Google Home is so so compatible with various smart devices across a wide range of brands, including those within Samsung’s own SmartThings ecosystem. 

So let’s not consume anymore a second and start how to set up and control these devices on your Samsung Galaxy watch with Google Home under the next heading.

How to Set Up Google Home on Your Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch is a handy device that gives all its best to make your favorite features more accessible, or just want to make your smart home experience even better just by using that. Being a versatile wearable device, Galaxy Watch allows you to track your fitness, receive notifications, make calls, and control your smart home devices easily.

You can also use Google’s smart home ecosystem, to control the best Google Home-compatible devices such as lights, thermostats, and locks. While Samsung devices work seamlessly with SmartThings. For that first, you need to need to install Google Home on your watch and connect your smart home devices. Once done, simply open the Google Home app on your watch and access your devices.

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How to Connect a Smart Device to Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

You need to make that your Galaxy Watch is connected to your phone and smart devices via Bluetooth, to add a device.  All of your devices should also be connected to the same Wi-Fi or cellular network. Let’s take a look at below how you do that.

  1. Install Google Home on your smartphone and smartwatch devices. Sign in with your Google account credentials on both devices.
  2. Make sure you allow the Location and Nearby Device access permissions on your smartphone.
  3. Choose the device(s) you wish to add to your home setup by tapping the Plus (+) sign to add a new device to your smartphone.a. Alternatively, you can tap Works with Google to add a connected smart home service such as Samsung SmartThings.
  4. Once done, you can assign it to a room of your choice. The device will now be added to your smartwatch.

How to Use Google Assistant to Control Your Smart Home Devices

Since the watch comes to you with Bixby enabled, if you want to use Google Assistant, there’s a need to download and install the app. For example, if you have Google Assistant installed, scroll down, tap on My Apps, and then tap on Assistant. Also, there’s a need to download and install the app. While, in order to set it for the first time, follow the steps:

Soon after you are done with the installation it would a just a voice play and everything get in your control, with Google Assistant. Google Assistant you can control smart home devices with quick voice commands, making it an even more convenient way to manage your home. Do keep in mind that Google Assistant will need to be installed on your smartwatch as well as your smartphone.

Ensure that you have Bluetooth functionality enabled across all of your devices. We’ll be showing you how to connect an Android TV device for this guide. To connect a smart home device, follow these steps:

  1. On your smartwatch, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  2. Toggle on the Bluetooth slider. Scan for your home devices, such as a TV, smart speakers, etc.
  3. You’ll receive a passkey on your smartwatch, prompting you to confirm the pairing code displayed on the TV (in our example).
  4. Once paired, you can see your connected device right from within the Google Home app.

After following these steps you need to set up Google Assistant, which you just learned above, make sure you are having the latest version of the Assistant before starting commanding. Now enter your Google account credentials to log in, and the smart home devices you’ve set up will automatically become available.

Soon after this, you can use voice commands to control the Google Home device once you’ve connected your smart home devices to Google Assistant. To check that Google Assistant is working properly, try saying, “Ok Google, turn on my Bedroom TV”, or “Ok Google, open YouTube on Bedroom TV”. Surely, these features work smoothly without the hassle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Ease your control over Smart Home Devices

The modish and efficient home automation system of Google Home makes it quite easy to control over it. And now it will be more auspicious when you can do everything on your wrist. As it provides information on connected device status and lets you add and remove devices easily. Also, there is no worry about fiddling and customizing your routine there.

Well, |I personally suggest you try and share your experience with us of user-friendly interface, device integration, and voice control capabilities. Hope you find this guide helpful enough, stay tuned to know more via Samupdate…

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