Exynos vs. Snapdragon: Reason of why Android still needs Samsung’s Chips

It has been observed that Samsung users, especially those who want to buy flagship phones tend to complain. As they don’t want to have homegrown Exynos chips on their phone. This seems fair to be the case since Exynos chips have an inferior track record as compared to the Snapdragon.

Here’s a question arises, should Samsung just ditch Exynos? So, here in this article, let’s take a close look at why the Exynos processor is important for both Samsung and Android.

1. Exynos Helps Make Samsung Phones More Affordable

Notably, Samsung is one of the biggest chip makers in the world. Thus, without the Exynos lineup of chips, the industry may lose a major competitor. No competition means more monopolies of the major players which leads to an increase in price.

Also, if Samsung stops making then Qualcomm have more hold on the South Korean giant. This enables Qualcomm to charge more to be placed in flagship Galaxy devices.

2. Exynos pushes Qualcomm to Innovate

Not only in terms of pricing, but its processor also pushes Qualcomm to innovate and come out with faster and more efficient chips.

The supremacy enables the company to justify the cost they charge. And remain leading the market of being the default chip supplier for flagship Android phones. Samsung equipped Exynos with some of its flagships also which further push Qulacom to innovate.

3. Custom Chips Are More Optimized

One of the primary reason why the iPhone perform so well is due to the compatibility between its hardware and software. The fact is that Apple Silicon is completely customizable. Thus, the company has infinite control, in order to optimize it to work best with iOS.

4. Exynos May perform better than Snapdragon in the Future

Smartphone companies usually opt for third-party chips rather than making their own. The reason is extensive cost and expertise are needed in order to set up research and production facilities. Whereas, Samsung has the clear-cut advantage of having the same.

In particular, even Samsung is the only major Android company in the world that design as well as produce them in its own foundry unit. Also, Apple also designs its chips too but its production is handled by TSMC.

Why Samsung Needs Exynos

Exynos subsequently doesn’t perform well, while Samsung has done its customer disservice previously. As it is fitted by the company in some of the flagship variants. Whereas, it is arguably good that Samsung is still working on the range.

Samsung Exynos

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